Author Background

"I grew up within the heart of Somerset, UK. During my adolescent years my spare time was spent creatively on various music projects. The most successful of these was a folk duet with a young lady called Rebecca Holly. Within the duet we would share the song writing, lyrically and musically. After 2 years of performing live across parts of the UK and 3 album releases the project came to an end.

The following decade concentrated heavily on a career within the IT industry. Between a few job changes I covered everything from system administration, software development, IT support and installation work. Apart from the focus on software development my creative side that was once seen musically had been locked away. This was soon to change!

As I was not in a position to restart the musical path and yet still having a drive for creative writing I decided to try my hand at writing a novel. The outcome of this was the first in the series of 'A Matter of Fiction', named 'Volume 2 Minus 1'. While writing this novel it became apparent that this solo project was one to satisfy my creative needs and with this came the open ending to 'Volume 2 Minus 1'.

There will be sequel and more than likely, another following that."