Music History

Way back during the summer of 2002 I came across a lady of the same age as I, carrying a guitar on a bus. As fate would have it, she was heading to the same social gathering as myself and during the course of this event, she sung and played her songs to all that attended. Roll on a couple of weeks and we had formed a duet, writing and recording music. Only a couple of short months from here we were out in the South West of England performing our music live within various pubs and clubs. We were known as 'Serendipity'!

To help gather some support we managed to record and produce our first album, titled 'Wish It All Away'. The title track of this album was the first piece of music (and lyrics) that I had ever written and it wasn't long before this track was aired on BBC Radio 2. After releasing this album to the general public we spent the following year playing gigs wherever we could. On a few occassions we would also go beyond the standard duet and pull in help from other musicians to give us a drummer and a bassist while playing live.

When 2003 came to a close our personal commitments meant that we had to slow down on the music scene. Despite this, during the early parts of 2004 we were able to get back together to record our second album, titled 'My Old Friend'. The sound of this album had gone beyond our initial acoustic, folk style that we had gained and added a much more emotional tone with the aid of more electrics. Upon completion of this album we managed to get it released worldwide through many online markets, including Amazon and iTunes. Sadly though, this would be the last collaboration we would do together and the band came to an end.

There are many places online where you can still listen to some of the music that we made (including this very site). I hope that everyone continues to enjoy the music that once was!