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Each title published by Steven Micklewright currently has its own independent website. To learn more about each title then please feel free to try the links below. Well, when I put them on here anyway.

A Matter of Fiction

This is the first series of books that I have written and managed to get published. I say series, the first book 'Volume 2 Minus 1' has been released and the others, well, soon! Please feel free to click on the link below to be taken across to the main site with details of this series.

A Matter of Fiction: Volume 2 Minus 1

A comic adventure, tells the story of William Harke, a shy bachelor, who is stuck in the rat race of modern society. After William meets Melinda, an unpredictable woman, and Theodore, an aging hippy scientist, he is shown that adventure isn't all fun and games. Through time, literally, William gets caught up in a conspiracy that only the three of them together can bring to an end with the help of some mysterious clues.

As the three get separated, one chasing one clue while another chases another, they find that their lives are somewhat linked together. As one character disappears to here and then, they reappear to there and now. It is not until Teddy gets kidnapped that things start to get really strange.

Eventually when they are hired by a company that has its sights set on world domination, we think, it seems that their fate is a short one. As with most people, William, Melinda and Teddy feel that a more prolonged existence is a much nicer prospect and realise that they must come together to take down the largest world conquest plan to date. Who owns this company? What is their big plan? Who are The Disciples? And who is making the next cup of tea?

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